The frog, how does it work?

The frog, how does it work?

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Your companion asked you to put a toggle to your baby ... But what is she talking about?

What is a toggle?

  • A little extensible sponge garment, cotton (normal or organic), velvet or even cashmere, in which your baby is cold neither on the stomach nor on the feet.

Which one to choose ?

  • In general, for your baby, choose simplicity. For the toggle, for example, the bridge closure with three snaps at the waist in the back is the most convenient because it allows you to change your child without having to discover the upper body. We take out our legs and go to bed!

How to put it on?

  • Put your toddler on the back and proceed as with socks: roll the leg of the garment, slide the foot of your baby in and up to the knee. Do the same for the other side.
  • Then reassemble the fabric to the bust and sleeves.
  • Turn your child over, or if you are very skilled (or trained) leave it on your back, and close the squeezes. That's it !

Safia Amor

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Watch out for threads that protrude from seams. They may curl around the toes of your little angel.

Dress up baby: the right gestures in pictures.



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