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No shameful self-medication

No shameful self-medication

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You did not go through the pediatrician box and used self-medication to treat your baby? If you have to consult because things do not work out, especially do not hide anything!

  • If you come to see a doctor after an attempt to self-medicate remained without effects, do not hide the medicines that you gave to your child. Imagine that you started antibiotic treatment on your own, say it bluntly! He must know for sure that the results of any sampling he may have to make will probably be modified. He may also have to change his prescription to avoid interactions.
  • Another case: your child has very alarming signs, he is stiff, his head tilted backwards. This can be simply a side effect of some vandals. So if you have had Primperan or Motilium swallowed to your little one, again, do not wait to tell your doctor. Thus informed, he will not start for nothing in complicated investigations and will know immediately how to relieve him.
  • And even if he recommends you to abstain next time, you will recover! Better to wipe a reflection than to put your little patient in danger ...

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