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Pediatrician, instructions for use

Pediatrician, instructions for use

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Even in good health, your baby should be regularly examined by a specialist. It is he who will ensure his good development and will provide you all the necessary advice.

Which doctor to choose?

  • General practitioner, pediatrician in private consultation or in hospital service, specialist of a maternal and child protection center, several solutions are available to you.
  • For practical reasons, the choice is often made on the doctor closest to home. But above all, you will need to find a competent person, who can be consulted quickly (visits may be frequent in the first year) and with whom you will establish a relationship of trust. In other words, if a doctor does not suit you, do not hesitate to change it.
  • Once you've found the rare pearl, ask him if he gives advice by phone. It's nice when it comes to a first baby.

How fast to consult?

The French social protection system provides for 10 compulsory examinations during the first year.

  • 1 exam within 8 days of birth
  • 1 examination during the 2nd seamine
  • 6 exams (once a month) from the 1st to the 6th month
  • 1 exam during the 9th month
  • 1 exam in the 12th month

Good to know: those of the 8th day and the 9th month make it possible to establish a report of the growth of your child and give place to the issue of a certificate of health, necessary for the allocation of the family benefits of the fund of allowances (Caf).

  • 1 exam during the 13th month
  • 1 exam from the 16th to the 18th month
  • 1 examination in the 24th or 25th month (3rd certificate of health)
  • 4 exams (once a month) between the 3rd and the 6th year

What will the doctor do?

  • At each visit, the specialist monitors the physical and psychomotor development of your child.
  • He weighs it, measures the size and the cranial perimeter and reports the indications on the graphs provided for this purpose in the health book. So, visit after visit, he can follow his growth.
  • It indicates the diet to be followed: the rhythm and number of feedings at first, then at the time of diversification (around 5 months), the quantities of food to be introduced gradually.
  • It prescribes the necessary vitamins, vitamin D for example: in fact, neither diet nor exposure to the sun are sufficient to provide your baby with the necessary amount of this precious vitamin. In addition, faced with the problem of iron deficiency, the current trend is for supplementation from the youngest age, to 4 months if your baby is born at term, to 2 months for a premature baby.
  • It evaluates your toddler's reactions to certain stimulations, depending on his age.
  • He carries out the obligatory vaccinations and informs you on those which are recommended.
  • It is at your disposal if the start of the system is unsatisfactory and, more broadly, for any problem concerning your relationship with your baby.

The health book: indispensable!

True medical memory of your child, this health book:

  • indicates the different vaccinations, the growth curves, and all the information useful to his health;
  • also mentions the treatments received as well as any hospitalizations or radiological examinations;
  • allows you to make the link if your baby is followed by several doctors.

Take care of it, you will be asked for it at each consultation.

Maryse Damiens with Dr. Beatrice di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris.


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