Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy

Skin, hair, eyes: 9 signs of pregnancy

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It's not just nausea or breast size that increases as signs of pregnancy. Carrying a baby is an inner experience that can be read all over your body. Hyperpigmentation, gingivitis, water retention, capillary fragility ... here are 9 signs that do not deceive.

Tingling on the breasts

  • This is often the first sign of a pregnancy. They are already preparing to breastfeed. As the months go by, they get tense, harden, the areole gets bigger and darker, sometimes with a tingling or even tugging sensation. Wear a suitable bra and maintain the elasticity of your skin with a moisturizer so that by resuming their normal size, your breasts find their firmness.


  • It is a bad trick that you play progesterone and estrogen, called pregnancy hormones. The pregnancy mask (small brown spots on the forehead, cheeks, around the mouth) is due to the stimulation of the production of melanin by estrogens. It often appears between the 4th and the 6th month and disappears little by little after the birth (or not).
  • The best way to avoid it is to protect yourself from the light. In the summer, apply a full screen, winter free antiradical foundation. The vertical brown line that marks your belly from the pubis to the navel, sometimes to the chest, will fade after childbirth to disappear more or less quickly depending on your skin nature.


  • Gingivitis affects 80% of future mothers. Your gums are swollen, bleed at the slightest touch: this fragility of the blood vessels is temporary. Make an appointment with the dentist and brush your teeth well, as dental plaque increases inflammation of the gums.

Hyperproduction of keratin and sebum

  • Your nails and hair grow faster during pregnancy. Estrogens accelerate secretions of keratin and sebum. The first concerns mainly nails, the second hair (progesterone counteracts the plans of testosterone, responsible for hair loss).
  • Your hair also benefits from this hormonal bath. You may see a fine down over your lips or arms. Everything will return to normal when testosterone returns to activity.
  • If your hair keeps its volume until the end of your pregnancy, your nails are weakened. To prevent them from breaking or splitting, think of the hardening varnish or nutritional capsules (safe for your baby).

Water retention in the cornea

  • Water retention, due to overproduction of progesterone, causes your ankles, your hands, and sometimes your face to swell. the only way to improve tissue drainage is to drink a lot of water.
  • This retention of water in the cornea changes the radius of the cornea. Your eyes see trouble! In early pregnancy, minimal astigmatism (deformation of images) can be established, and in the 3rd trimester, a small myopia (vision far less clear). If you're already shortsighted, it may get worse. In contrast, farsightedness (poor near vision) may be better. Sometimes the lens loses some of its capacity for accommodation and some can become hyperopic. These disorders disappear about two months after delivery, more if you are breastfeeding.

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