Skin and pregnancy: preconceptions

Skin and pregnancy: preconceptions

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Stretch marks, it is only after 30 years, the mask of pregnancy makes its appearance only in the sun ... the received ideas are numerous on the small miseries of the pregnant woman. Who's wrong ? Who is right ?

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Stretch marks are after 30 years

Right wrong


The younger you are, the more you are exposed to stretch marks. After 30 years, the skin is naturally less firm, less toned and is therefore less easily marked. On the other hand, its nature - whether it is white, thin and transparent or rather dull and resistant - has no influence on their occurrence or not.
These streaks, which look like scars, are the result of a rupture of elastic fibers and collagen. They can appear on the breasts, hips and buttocks as early as the 4th month of pregnancy, your adrenal glands secreting more glucocorticoids. Others wait until the end of pregnancy to burst on the abdomen and upper thighs because, of course, your weight gain.