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The war of mothers

The war of mothers

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Today, at Patrick's Super Nanny, Sam and Bambi unearthed the hatchet and bicker ... No luck, moms get involved!

  • Lubin did not stop cheating, eating little, claiming his nipple, crossing his nap in fits and starts, as if he was hatching something.
  • Among the older ones, the atmosphere was at the armed confrontation. Sam and Bambi have unearthed the hatchet, which will have successively taken the form of a hoop received by one in the face, then a war painting improvised by the squaw Bambi on the warrior Sam who does not obviously was not waiting.
  • In short, cries of squabbling, this banal Friday has turned into trench warfare. I felt it was time for this day to end.
  • The first bell was auspicious. Sam's mom, who came to pick him up, took the time to chat a little.
  • Second ringing: Bambi's mother, barely extracted from an unexpected traffic jam, presented us with a face expressing anger returned incarnate.
  • To make matters worse, his arrival had to coincide with Sam's offensive, knocking his comrade out of his playmate. Bambi, especially surprised, yelled, relayed by his mother who jumped on the aggressor.
  • "But he's not doing well, what's up to him?"
  • "He, he has a name!" replied Sam's mom, jaws stuck and gaze killing.

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