Can we be pregnant despite a negative pregnancy test?

Can we be pregnant despite a negative pregnancy test?

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"Can we be pregnant despite a negative pregnancy test?" Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Emmanuelle's question ...

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • Chorionic gonadotrophic hormone, HCG, is secreted only in pregnant women from the beginning of embryo development around the ninth day of pregnancy. She is being tested using a pregnancy test. Either by a urine test, sold in pharmacies or in supermarkets, or by a blood test performed in the laboratory.
  • Sometimes urine tests, bought by women in pharmacies or supermarkets, indicate that they are not pregnant, even though they are. This is called a false negative. But this phenomenon is today very rare because the urinary tests are more and more efficient and precise.
  • A false-negative may be related to performing a test too early while the HCG rate is still too low. Or the fact that the urine is too dilute. It is for this reason that these tests must always be performed with the morning urine, when the presence of HCG is more concentrated.
  • If in doubt, a woman should not limit herself to the results of a negative test, especially if these rules do not arrive and that certain physiological manifestations indicate to her that she may be pregnant. She must consult to be prescribed a blood test that will affirm or deny that a pregnancy is starting or not.
  • In any case, even with a positive urine test, the pregnancy will always be confirmed with a blood test or an ultrasound. These are the only tests that are valid for midwives and doctors.

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