Can we travel far in the end of pregnancy?

Can we travel far in the end of pregnancy?

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From the moment it goes well, pregnancy is not a contraindication to travel. However, some precautions are necessary especially when it comes to distant journeys.

Pregnancy and travel: ideal in the 2nd trimester

  • Seeing the country while waiting for a baby is a good idea! Provided that certain safety measures are respected so as not to compromise the progress of the pregnancy. The second trimester of the pregnancy seems the privileged moment to travel: the risks of miscarriage are discarded, the childbirth is still far, it is a period of good form ... Why not take advantage of it while avoiding to run unnecessary risks !

Traveling pregnant: destinations to avoid

  • Destinations that require yellow fever vaccinations, malaria treatments, and countries where water and food quality can not be guaranteed must be avoided at all costs. The same advice concerning regions with high temperatures: they are even more difficult to support when you are pregnant. Better to bet on relaxing stays than on tours and tourist tours!

Air travel: 6 golden rules

If the plane is a safe, smooth and tiring way of transportation, do not fly around the world.

  • 1. In absolute terms, pregnant women are advised not to "go beyond" four time zones.
  • 2. Long-haul travel is exhausting and requires sitting for a long time, which can cause circulatory problems. It is imperative to wear stockings special "maternity".
  • 3. During the flight, be sure to hydrate well.
  • 4. Before long-distance travel, seek the advice of the doctor or midwife.
  • 5. Schedule your trip between 2 prenatal visits, so as not to compromise the proper monitoring of the pregnancy.
  • 6. Take your maternity notebook with you.

End of pregnancy: travel is limited

  • From the third trimester, and the closer we get to the date of delivery, we will avoid displacements that remove the future mother from the maternity where she must give birth. Moreover, beyond the eighth month of pregnancy, most airlines no longer accept on-board future mothers.
  • Long trips by car are not recommended either. To move, we will favor the train, avoiding peak periods to avoid being in crowded cars.
  • In any case, the possibility of displacement is discussed on a case-by-case basis with the doctor or his midwife.

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