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Help her to do her nights

Help her to do her nights

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For your toddler, sleeping is a primary function. That is why it is essential to respect his rhythm, while facilitating the installation of his sleep.


  • Your baby spends a lot of time sleeping (more than sixteen hours in the case of a newborn baby!), So he needs a comfortable bed or cradle, in which he will recognize his smell , familiar colors, his mobile ...
  • Avoid changing the bed unless you have to go on a weekend, for example. Take his little folding bed, in which he will get used to sleep during family getaways.

Let him cry

  • It often happens that once your baby is in bed, it will take time to fall asleep. He will probably find sleep after a few crying.
  • Do not rush to hug him, but make sure nothing is bothering him. Sing him a lullaby, whisper a little story ... he should fall asleep fast enough.

Learn him at night

  • Keeping the day longer, he sleeps more at night. You must therefore differentiate between daytime feedings and late-night feedings. It takes time for your baby to adjust to the day-night rhythm.
  • Daily sounds, music, light ... the atmosphere of the day should awaken your baby while that of the night must soothe, especially if you accompany the bedding of a number of rituals: put in pajamas, bedtime immediately after his burp, turn off the light and wish him good night!

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