Happy birthday, Ken!

Happy birthday, Ken!

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In the Barbie family, I choose the fiancé! In a few days, March 11, Ken will blow his 50th candle! The singer of the most famous blonde in Celluloid, icon of millions of girls worldwide, has not taken a wrinkle. For his 50 years, Ken comes out the big game and always delights the heart of his beloved! (News of 25/02/11)

Route of a spoiled doll

  • It's in 1961 that Ken is born in the famous "maternity" Mattel.
  • Knight servant ! Galant, educated, romantic ... in half a century, Ken conquers the hearts of generations of girls around the world.
  • Protéform! He knows how to reinvent himself and to establish itself as the reference of all the tendencies: surfer, pilot of plane, biker, businessman, doctor ...
  • Fashion icon! With his inimitable style, Ken becomes the face of prestigious brands like Benetton.
  • Movie star ! In 2010, he won one of the main roles in the third installment of the animated saga, Toy Story.

A love story over 5 decades

  • Barbie, the love of her life! In 1961, these 2, cross on a TV set and it is a real love at first sight.
  • For 4 decades, They will embody the flagship couple of the United States, but not convoler.
  • Break! In 2004After 43 years of life together, they separate.
  • The test of time! Convinced that their love affair is exceptional, Ken makes every effort to reclaim his beauty.
  • The ideal man ! Barbie could not resist so many qualities. After 7 years of separation, she has just fallen back into the arms of her prince charming.
  • Valentine's Day ! February 14, 2011, the mythical couple officializes their reunion.

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Frédérique Odasso