Pollution and baby's health: what you need to know

Pollution and baby's health: what you need to know

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Can I go out with my baby during pollution peaks? What time to go to the park? Is he safe in the house? The city sometimes makes life hard for our children. To find the right air, unravel the truth from the wrong with Professor Frédéric de Blay, pneumo-allergist.

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A child is less threatened by pollution than an adult.

That's right. It's wrong.


On foot or in his stroller, a baby is at the height of the exhaust pipes and therefore particularly exposed to toxic gases (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons). It is estimated that it "swallows" 30% more pollution than an adult. But it is precisely at this time of his life that his respiratory system is in full development and very vulnerable. Exposure to pollutants may therefore compromise the quality of its respiratory capital.