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Breast milk: how to keep it?

Breast milk: how to keep it?

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Do you pull your milk to feed your baby? It is important to respect all the rules of hygiene to preserve it. At what temperature? How to keep it in the fridge or freeze it? We take stock of 10 questions.

1. I draw my milk in several times, I can fill my bottle as I go

  • Truebut on one condition: if you pull your milk in several stages, do not pour lukewarm milk that has just been pulled into an already chilled bottle. Put it in another separate bottle in the fridge to cool. When it is cold, you can pour it into the first bottle.

2. Only a glass container is ideal for keeping my milk

  • False. Whether you use a glass or plastic container, it does not matter. The key is to use a food container, easy to clean and sealing. On the other hand, for freezing, glass (preferably tinted) is the best choice. Then come polycarbonate (transparent plastic) and polypropylene (opaque plastic). You can also use freezer bags specially designed for breast milk. It's very useful.

3. I avoid keeping it at room temperature

  • False. At room temperature (19-25 ° C), the milk is kept about 4 hours between the beginning of the collection and the end of consumption by the baby.

4. The ideal is to store my bottle of breast milk in the fridge door

  • False. This is not the coldest location. Store it indoors, at a maximum temperature of + 4 ° C, immediately after collecting your milk. To avoid mixing baby bottles, note the date and time on a label that you will stick on it.

5. I can keep my milk 72 hours in the fridge

  • False. Your milk should be consumed within 48 hours after being pulled. After this time, it must be discarded to prevent the appearance of germs.

6. I can freeze my milk in the ice compartment

  • False. The ice cube tray (or the freezer) is not cold enough and you could favor the multiplication of germs. To freeze your milk, only a -18 ° freezer is optimal. Be sure to fill the bottle only three-quarters. For conservation, do not exceed 4 months. Beyond that, you have to throw it away. Think, too, to label your bottles to find you there.

7. Thawed milk can be kept for 24 hours, no more

  • True. To thaw milk, place in a cool place for at least 6 hours before eating. Once the milk has thawed, it can be kept for 24 hours, no more.

8. I have not used my thawed milk, I can refreeze it

  • Especially not ! If you have not given it to your baby 24 hours after thawing, discard it. If your baby does not finish a bottle completely, do the same.

9. I go on weekends, I can carry my milk bottle for several hours

  • False. When stored in a cooler, or in an insulated bag with ice, the transport time of your bottle of milk should not exceed one hour. When you reach your destination, return it to the refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding +4 ° C.

10. I have too much milk, I can give it to the lactariums

  • True. The lactariums are lacking milk donors so if you feel like it, do not hesitate to contact the one closest to you. Your milk will be raised at your home in perfect conditions and will serve for example to feed premature babies.

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