The herb gardener

The herb gardener

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Plant, pack, water, cut ... and admire. It does not take more to create a colorful and fragrant planter. At your plantations!

Agnès Barboux and Safia Amor

The herb gardener (4 pics)


A plastic planter, very deep
potting soil, mixed with some sand and some gravel
1 foot of thyme
1 foot of lavender
1 foot of marjoram
1 foot of oregano.

Step 1

Moisten the clod of soil thoroughly before removing each of their pots.

2nd step

Prepare the planter: put gravel in the bottom, then fill with potting at a third of the height.
Place the plants in the planter: the lavender in the background and the others in front, spacing them well from each other. Cover with earth to the edge.

Step 3

Place your planter on the balcony in the light and think of watering generously once a week. To you, homemade picking and delicious little dishes!
You can personalize this beautiful and fragrant planter by asking your child to paint it in a dapper color.


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