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For or against spanking: the opinion of 5 children's pros

For or against spanking: the opinion of 5 children's pros

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Parliament voted on 22 December 2016 an amendment that prohibits "any recourse to bodily violence". Spanking is therefore prohibited from January 1, 2017. Find the opinion of 5 other professionals of the early childhood on the subject.

Sophie Marinopoulos *, psychologist and psychoanalyst: "Helping parents out of the balance of power "

  • " Prohibiting spanking does not solve the problem of parents suddenly feeling overwhelmed. At a certain moment, when the parent feels overwhelmed, he does not really know what he can or not allow his child, who is boundless in his exploration. However, the more weak a parent is in his certainties, the more he is weakened and loses his inner security. He can then move from a rigorous education to a rigid education. Little by little, parents will stop talking to their child and when you break with words, you go to the body. When we do not talk anymore, we do not think anymore. A skid, it happens, but the question is, "what am I doing with this skid?" To say "excuse me, it exceeded me" is to leave the balance of power, it is a sign that there is still something to share. Keep the right distance to avoid breakage. The words are the new umbilical cord ". * My psych notebook, ed. Links that free. Sophie Marinopoulos opened an anonymous and free reception center for parents in Nantes. info :

Edwige Antier, pediatrician: " When you raise your hand on your child, you have already lost your authority "

  • "All studies show that children who get spanked or slaps are more devious, aggressive and have less self-esteem. I do not feel guilty about spanking parents, because there are many who have received it when they were little and heard that they deserved it. But they must not continue because today we are informed about the consequences of this gesture. When you raise your hand on your child, you have already lost your authority. " Author of "The authority without spanking", Robert Laffont ed.

Stéphane Clerget, child psychiatrist: " The child risk of integrating violence into its mode of operation "

  • "Spanking has no educational value because it does not answer the question that the child can ask after his stupidity: "Why what I did is forbidden?". He will not know any more after and will be led to start again. It also risks integrating violence into its mode of operation: when someone else does something that does not suit him, he will be tempted to respond with violence. This is not what parents want for a good social integration. If a law were to be passed in favor of the prohibition of spanking, it should be accompanied not by a financial penalty but by accompanying the parents. A kind of reminder to the law as can be done with a driver who has lost all points of his license. " ATof " Parents, ohimselfz you to obey, "ed.Albin Michel

Sylvia Simon, clinical psychologist "A light and symbolic spanking? Why not "

  • "If we're talking about a spanking that aims to hurt the child, I am obviously against, but if it is a light tap on the buttocks, a symbolic gesture, why not. Through this step, the parent wants to signify a "No" to the child and places limits on him in a particular situation of resistance to already formulated prohibitions. It is the definitive NO, as a last resort, which will be all the stronger, if it is exceptional and never a mode of prohibition and permanent limits. But often the simple threat can suffice because this slap on the buttocks, even small, can be felt as humiliating and particularly infantilizing ".

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