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Why this need to rock to fall asleep?

Why this need to rock to fall asleep?

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It's still a funny mania! Every night, curled up under his comforter, your toddler dodeline his head against the pillow ...

Whenever he seeks sleep, your child cradles for five or ten minutes. Do not worry, this phenomenon is quite commonplace and usually starts before 3-4 years old. Those who cultivate this habit have often been rocked in the first years of their lives.

Why does he rock to fall asleep?

  • He likes to feel safe. At first, the rocking reminds him no doubt the floating felt in the womb. The fetus bathes in amniotic fluid and follows the rhythm of his mother's movements. This state causes rocking and falling asleep, even in utero. You have no doubt noticed, pregnant. As soon as you lie down, your baby begins to shake in your stomach! Moreover, it is not surprising that children cradle in the position "in dog's rifle", which recalls the one they had before being born.
  • He needs to calm down. While rocking, he finds a regular and repetitive movement that will eventually reassure him. By this swing, he experiences a certain pleasure that reminds moreover his attraction to the swing.
  • He is afraid and seeks sleep. As you did when he was smaller, he can rock to sleep or to calm small anxieties. The two reasons can also be linked: he tries perhaps by this gesture to repel monsters that prevent him from falling into the arms of Morpheus.
  • It is often around 3-4 years that a child goes from small to large bed. He no longer finds the landmarks that represented for him the edges or contours of the previous bed in which he could see his stuffed animals close to him. Add to this absence, the fall of the night and the separation with mom and dad ... that's enough to destabilize a small child.

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