Why does my child become modest?

Why does my child become modest?

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Around 5 or 6 years old, your child may become modest. This acquisition of modesty is expressed when he wants to wash himself or close the door when he is in the bathroom. For the child psychiatrist Marcel Rufo, it is an essential stage in the development of the child.

In this new video of "Rufo says too much", Marcel Rufo explains that the acquisition of modesty is the demonstration of the acquisition of self-awareness and self-confidence. The child realizes that his body is his property and that he disposes of it. This step can be badly experienced by the parents because they feel rejected by their child. On the contrary, it is necessary to respect and encourage the child. Through modesty, the child goes to the conquest of his body and thus of the world. Autonomy is also at this price.

Modesty marks a new stage of development for children and also for parents who will have to adjust their behavior. Find more episodes of Rufo says too much produced by Milan Presse:

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Production : Jacques Azam
Montage: Milan Press
Production : Marcel Rufo


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