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Why does my child refuse to walk?

Why does my child refuse to walk?

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When leaving, nothing to do! Your child refuses to move the little toe. As soon as there is a distance to go, he swears by the stroller.

The problem

You have already seen him walk, run, jump with pleasure. But for some time, he refuses to walk. It stings anger as soon as you take it to run in the neighborhood, requires to be carried or installed in the stroller.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. At this moment, her relationships with others are characterized by bad mood.
  • You. As he begins to grow up and can do a lot with you, you do not understand his refusal to move like a big one.

He refuses to walk because he needs to take a break

Your child is doing essential learning that mobilizes all his energy. He discovers new words every day, saves lots of information. Refusing to walk is his way of blowing a little and devoting himself fully to other things.

  • What has to be done. Accept this period of regression that will not last. Find compromises: Have your child stand behind the stroller on the step. Negotiate with him the walking time.
  • What to tell him. "I want to help you to the bakery, the rest, we do it together, both ... on foot."

He opposes to grow better

For him, refusing to walk is a way to show that his desires are different from yours, to assert oneself. He is also trying to test you.

  • What has to be done. Value your initiatives. Do not give in to his anger. Find a compromise through dialogue.
  • What to tell him. "I understand that you do not want to walk, but here it's me who decides." Just now, you'll rest.

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