Why a baby bob?

Why a baby bob?

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And no ! The bob is not reserved for petanque players and your grandfather. It also effectively protects your toddler from the sun.

What is a bob?

  • According to the New Little Robert, it is about "a textile hat with folded edges on the cap". "Bob" is an English word, the diminutive of Robert, which means the American sailors and especially their cap! They have been sold for over fifty years in children's stores or sports shops.

Why ?

  • The bob effectively protects your child's head. It is even one of the best anticanicle clothing. Choose it preferably light, light color and not too tight at the head to prevent it to sweat your little vacationer.


  • Made of cotton, polyester ... plain or printed... and even antiUV, today we find bobs for girls and boys. The ideal bob: it protects the forehead, the eyes and the face, but also the neck. There are variants, the hat, the cap ... It does not matter, as long as your child does not stay in full sun! Besides, if it's too hot, consider moistening your bob.

Safia Amor