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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the 6th issue of the collection "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February issue of. Today, zoom in on pollution.

  • Not even ! The air inside is thus of less good quality than outside in the city, because of the accumulation of polluting substances. Worse, to the sources of external pollution are added those that emanate furniture in agglomerates filled with formaldehyde, household products, poorly dyed textiles ...
  • To protect the small sensitive nose from potential allergensIt is therefore important to ventilate at least twice a day. The best is to banish the perfumes of interior and opt for solid wood furniture, especially for the furniture of the children's rooms.

It's worse in the car than on the open-air periphery ...

  • Almost true! The device bottled, it's still difficult to breathe. But the atmosphere inside the cabin is often of poor quality, because of the same principle of accumulation of pollution. And when these pollution particles combine with pollens in the spring, the allergic reaction can be amplified.
  • It is therefore necessary to ventilate often when you ride and avoid the caps to take a ride with your baby. No question of smoking inside, same windows open. And forget the deodorant gadgets, too chemical. At the limit, do not leave the car unless it is essential. A long ride in a stroller, it is still preferable.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

Allergies: other tips.

Find more information in "Essentials of: 72 tips to deal with allergies", sold with the February 2011 issue of.

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