Name Abriel - Meaning and origin

Name Abriel - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Abriel, Celtic name, is still uncommon in France. This name appears in the Hexagon only around the year 2007 would have the meaning of "the one who was born in April", in Latin.


No celebrities yet who bear this name, but as a surname, yes, with the French footballer Fabrice Abriel, the French singer, author and composer Patrick Abrial.

His character :

Abriel is intuitive, organized, with great interpersonal skills (outstanding diplomat, he is also a real talker!) And resolute. Abriel is above all a sentimental that makes romantic women happy. For him, friendship is essential, a springboard to live the harmony to which he aspires. Intelligent personality, Abriel likes jobs requiring a good sense of analysis and synthesis. Very generous, it will serve with pleasure in humanitarian communities.



His party :

No feast date known.

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