Name Adams - Meaning and Origin

Name Adams - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Adams is a male given name with two Semitic origins, one Hebrew and the other Babylonian.
Of Hebrew origin Adams is transcribed by adama resulting in "made of red earth".
Babylonian origin, Adama translates as "man" or "humanity".


Adams being a derivative of Adam, here are male celebrities named Adam.

Adam de la Halle, French playwright of the 13th century, Adam Sandler, American actor and director, Adam Clayton of rock band U2 and Adam Levine, lead-vocal of Maroon Five.

His character :

As a child, Adams is fond of his loved ones. He is sure of the love of those around him. Although a bit of narcissism and a little rebellion are common during childhood, it is recommended to reframe Adams from time to time. He will appreciate the marks of authority at their fair value, especially as they will be beneficial. They will amplify its qualities and mitigate its defects.

Adams hates injustice and everything that sounds wrong, like lies and flattery. It is indeed a small being authentic and reckless. Emotive and sensitive, it will immediately capture the surrounding vibrations, whether positive energies or negative waves. Charismatic, Adams can further develop a certain ascendancy over his comrades.

Ambitious, he will tend early to self-realization and will be able to pose as master of his destiny. His attitude is generally up to his aspirations and success is at the rendezvous.


Adame, Adama, Adamo, Hadama, Adam, or Adham and Addam

His party :

Adams is celebrating May 16 in memory of Saint Adam. This Italian saint died in Italy in the thirteenth century. May 16 is the date commonly chosen for his death.

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