Name Adelin - Meaning and origin

Name Adelin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Adelin is the masculine derivative of the first name Adeline. Of Germanic origin, it is composed of the words "adal" meaning "noble" and "lind" translating as "soft". Its feminine variant means "nobility".


There is no celebrity named Adelin.
Saint Adelin is the founder of the abbey of Celles. Originally from Aquitaine, this disciple of Saint Renacle lived in the seventh century. Since then, 1338, his relics rest in Visé.

His character :

Adelin is recognized by his extrovert nature, intelligence, and curiosity. Mastering the art of communication, he easily becomes friends. He is nevertheless selective and prefers to surround himself with people sharing the same values ​​as him.
Endowed with a deep sense of duty, he has a strong intuition and each of his decisions is motivated by a system of values ​​governing his world.
Balanced and not easily influenced, Adelin displays a personality rather perfectionist. The desire to surpass himself pushes him to take up the challenges. Adelin does not make hasty decisions and develops a strategy before acting.
Not very adventurous, Adelin is cautious and seeks safety first and foremost. His analytic sense often leads him to doubt, to question himself and to see situations from different angles.


Adelino, Adeline, Edelin and Hedelin.

His party :

Adelin is honored every 4th of February as a tribute to Saint Adelin.

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