Name Agenor - Meaning and origin

Name Agenor - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Agenor is a Greek given name which means "valiant".


There are no famous personalities named Agenor.

His character :

The character of Agenor is reflected in particular by great patience, although he is stubborn in the realization of his actions. However, he remains effective and easily manages to lead others through his rather influential and firm sense of diplomacy. He believes primarily in his values. It is difficult to influence Agenor even if he can become shy in certain situations.
For Agenor, his friends come first and he is always available to help them. He easily trusts them, but can become very resentful of the people who betrayed him.
In his work, he is not easily defeated by failures and does not hesitate to try again until the success of his objectives. Very dynamic, he is also able to analyze every situation in every detail.



His party :

The Agenor are celebrated on March 10th.

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