Mother confesses killing of eight babies

Mother confesses killing of eight babies

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Dominique Cottrez, a 47-year-old caregiver, was indicted yesterday and imprisoned after confessing the murders of her 8 babies, found dead in her former home. Pregnancy gone unnoticed in her surroundings but she said she was fully aware. (News of the 30/07/10)

  • Eric Vaillant, Attorney General, speaks of "an extraordinary case". Dominique Cottrez, a 47-year-old caregiver who lives in Villers-au-Tertre (North), admitted yesterday that she had given birth to 8 babies between 1989 and 2006, then killed them at birth by smothering them.
  • She then buried two bodies in his garden and concealed the other 6 in his garage. This is the new owner of this house who made the macabre discovery last Saturday, digging a hole in his garden. The mother said there was no other body.

Denial of pregnancy?

  • According to the public prosecutor, this mother, who already has two daughters aged 21 and 22, was fully aware of her pregnancies but justified her act by explaining that she did not want any more children but did not want to adopt a contraception either. According to her lawyer, although she was aware of her pregnancies, these are denials of pregnancy.
  • Indictment for intentional homicide on a minor, she incurs life.
  • Her husbandHe was released after declaring that he was unaware of his crimes and the pregnancies of his wife.

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