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Language: 7 questions to the specialist

Language: 7 questions to the specialist

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Marie-Christine Laznik, psychoanalyst, answers parents' questions concerning the language learning of their children and the problems that can sometimes arise.

1. What to think of "talking baby"?

"While my husband and I take great care in talking to our 1.5-year-old child as an adult, my mother-in-law continues to talk to her about" baby. "So she does not show him the cat but the" baby ". meow, "and in the summer they go to see the" dadas "and not the horses, I'm afraid this will delay the development of my child." (Myriam)

  • M.-C.L .: From 1 year old, you can speak correctly to a child. If the child says "meow" to describe a cat, we can resume but it is not very serious. It is better to make sure to speak good French yourself before taking your child. To speak the original language correctly is the best gift a parent can give their child.

2. Why do babies like nursery rhymes?

"My 2-year-old daughter loves nursery rhymes since she was a little girl and always wants to be singed to her." What fascinates her so much? " (Amandine)

  • M.-C.L .: Musicality is exciting for a baby! Your daughter sees the rhythm and knows how to predict the end of the nursery rhyme because she knows it. She is proud to show that she can participate very early. If in addition she sees that you are delighted with her anticipation abilities, she is thrilled.

3. He does not speak at 22 months

"I'm worried because my 22-month-old son is still not talking, at 14 months he started saying" mom "and" daddy "and then stopped, except for a few" ba " or "da" or incomprehensible words, it does not say anything anymore, it begins to worry me, especially when I compare it with other children of his age who have a much richer language. "(Corinne)

  • M.-C.L .: A child may take breaks in learning new words, but it is not normal for him to stop using the words he knows. Make an appointment with your pediatrician, or the speech therapist, who will perform a language test. We must not deprive ourselves of a consultation. For a baby who has 40 ° C fever, go to his doctor. Well, a child who does not talk anymore, you have to worry about it too, it's no less serious. The causes can be multiple. It can be a medical or psychological problem that will be easier to treat because it is taken in time.

4. He has difficulty articulating

"My daughter is almost 3 years old and has been going to kindergarten since the beginning of the school year, yet she still has trouble speaking and articulating well, and her mistress confirmed that she did not understand her well either. I help her to finally progress? " (Angelic)

  • M.-C.L .: If it does not articulate well, consult a speech therapist who will carry out a report in order to take stock. Sometimes, a single consultation with a specialized psychoanalyst for toddlers is enough to unblock a situation and makes even the use of speech therapy unnecessary. But above all, do not try to solve the problem alone, get help.

5. The language of the twins

"My twins of 22 months, Léa and Maé, have a language of their own, that I do not understand.They know how to explain what they want by gestures and mimicry but, apart from" dad "," mom " , "Grandpa", "granny" and their first name, they do not say other words, we try to make them repeat words and phrases but it does not help anything. (Elodie)

  • M.-C.L .: The language invented by the twins has a name: cryptophasia. It's very common in twins that we have not been able to deal with as much as we would have liked, especially because we're exhausted - and when we have twins, there's something about it. to be ! They create their little world and their language by turning towards each other, for lack of individual link with their entourage. That's what your daughters did. The faster each individual will be individualized in his relationship with adults, the better. At the nursery, at the nanny's, make sure that we take care of it separately, that we do not say "binoculars", but that we call each of your little girls by her first name. Bringing each of your children to their fulfillment at the same time is more than double the work that a single child requires. That's why you have to support the parents of twins like you. Ask your PMI (Mother and Child Protection) if you are not eligible for help.

6. Is it normal to talk to your toys?

"When I watch my 2-year-old daughter play alone in her room, I notice she's talking to her toys - dolls, stuffed toys, Lego ... everyone has a right to her discussion, why does she do that and what role do they play? imaginary dialogues play in his development? " (Clear)

  • M.-C.L .: Young children love to chat with their toys while in bed or in the park. During these imaginary games, the whole psychic apparatus is put in place, the capacity of representation, in particular. It is quite normal for your little girl to exchange with her toys, it is a training for her. Before making a speech in the National Assembly, we must start by calling the assembly of toys from his cradle and his room, right?

7. He stutters, will it pass?

"My almost 3-year-old son stammers, when a word does not want to come out, he gets angry, turns red and sometimes gives up what he wanted to say, he just got into kindergarten and I wonder if it's okay. help, should I consult? " (Marion)

  • M.-C.L .: Absolutely. Stuttering indicates anxiety, fear of missing, nervousness. So many things that can be healed. The mistake not to do is to wait to see if it goes, if it recovers itself. Make an appointment with a child psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst. Do not hesitate to take advantage of specialists who can help you.

Interviewed by Stéphanie Letellier


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