Name Analia - Meaning of origin

Name Analia - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Analia means clemency or charitable. This name of Hebrew origin is especially widespread in Spain, Australia and the United States.


Analia Borghetti, model with an international profile born in Argentina
Angolan LDP charismatic leader Anàlia Maria Caldeira From Victoria Pereira Simeão.

His character :

Analia is independent and courageous, this dynamic and determined woman also marks the spirits by its somewhat authoritarian side. One way to protect his great sensitivity. Because Analia is really vulnerable, even sentimental. Moreover, she presents herself as a charitable person on whom we can always count.


Analia, Analie, Analya, Annalia, Annalya, Analiah, Analyah.

His party :

Analia does not have any dedicated days.

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