The panoply of the superhero

The panoply of the superhero

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A superhero can have all the powers ... the dream for your adventurer! Discover quickly the explanations of this panoply at the height of his dreams. A diy from Marie Gervais' book "Children's Set" (Tutti frutti edition).

The panoply of the superhero (10 pics)

Place to the heroes!

A superhero can have all the powers, why be limited to those of the heroes of the small screen? What super power can your child want? A superhero who sends kisses by the thousands? Ask him and adapt the patterns of the cape and mask to his answer!

The mask

Felt (or fleece) in two colors
Pair of scissors

The pattern of the mask

Download here the pattern of the mask


Post the duplicate pattern on the felt.
Cut out one on its layout and the other leaving a margin of 0.5 cm. In both rooms, draw in pencil the eyes without hollowing them out. Cut a strip of 50 cm X 2 cm into the felt and cut it into two 25 cm strips.
Overlay the two pieces Mask. Insert between the two, on each side, the end of a band retracted 1.5 cm. Stitch to hold and then stitch all around 0.2 cm from the edge of the smallest mask piece.
Sew the two layers together on the eye pattern and then hollow out with small, pointed scissors. Sew at the end of each felt strip a Velcro rectangle. Before sewing Velcro pieces, consider adjusting their location by testing around your child's head.

The reversible cloak

Two fabrics (100 x 80 cm)

The boss of the reversible cloak

Download here the cape's boss

To obtain the pattern of the cape, print the different parts and then connect them by matching the letters of reference. Cut the pattern on its path.


The reversible cloak

Overlay your two fabrics right side up and put the cape pattern on it. Cut the two layers of fabric together at 1 cm from the course of the cape. Put the lightning on the felt and cut it on the path.
On the spot of a Cape piece, position your flash pattern and sew it to the tight satin stitch. Sew the velvet side of a square of Velcro in the upper corner of the cloak, as shown on the pattern (A). Sew the velvet face of another square of Velcro in the upper corner of the other piece Cape, mirrored.

The reversible cloak

Overlay your two pieces Cape place-by-place, sew and sew on the pattern leaving a 5 cm opening at the bottom. Crantez, turn the book over and iron to flatten the seams. Close the opening by sewing the machine all the way back 0.2 cm from the edge.
Sew the other two sides of the Velcro squares at the end of the cloak tie as shown on the pattern (B).

The reversible cloak

You can also make other patterns (star, letter ...) or other shapes of capes. Place to creativity!

To read

Find other disguise ideas in Marie Gervais' book.

Sets for children (Tutti Frutti edition)

Photos: Virginie Devaux


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