Name Anja - Meaning of origin

Name Anja - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic, Greek, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

Anja is a feminine given name of Greek origin. It is also considered a Scandinavian and Germanic name. Anja comes from the Greek eggelos meaning "messenger".


Anja Rubik, Polish top model and Anja Schneider, German DJ.

His character :

Little Anja is affectionate and endearing. She likes to please those around her. Sensitive, she is receptive to the family atmosphere. His sharp emotional intelligence allows him to feel the anxiety or joy of his family. This is why balance and family harmony should be preserved. An imbalance or a disagreement can actually disturb it. Anja perfectly embodies this innocence, this joie de vivre and this candor proper to childhood. These traits of character tend towards an early autonomy. To his parents and educators to reinforce his sense of responsibility.

A strong personality with intuition and sensitivity, Anja is human and deeply altruistic. Her compassion and altruism will drive her to want to make the world a better place and to help her struggling neighbors. It will be so many friends, grateful and faithful. Material contingencies are far from being essential to him. Inspired, she can be creative and perform small artistic prowess from a young age.


There are no first names from Anja, but Ange, Ana and Anabelle are close to them.

His party :

We honor the Anja every January 1st.

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