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Twins, triplets ... how to insure?

Twins, triplets ... how to insure?

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Back from the maternity with your babies, you will need a lot of organization! Do not panic. Parents already pros have concocted a melting pot of tips that have made their lives easier. Enjoy!

1. Bathing every other day

  • "We chose to bathe one and do a cat toilet on the second. And vice versa the next day. Time saved for more hugs to both. " Fabian

2. Prepare baby bottles in advance

  • "After having sterilized them, I was preparing the 14 bottles for the day before placing them in the fridge. I always enjoyed a moment when the twins slept to put me in it. At night, we just had to warm them in the microwave. " Isabelle

3. Get the diapers and cans of milk delivered

  • "We ordered the layers and cans of milk through the Twin and Plus Association ( who has access to a central purchasing department, the Centrale des multiples ( It must be said that with the elder who still used, we had a consumption of more than 600 monthly layers the first months. " Virginia

4. Plan and shorten visits

  • "Too many visits tire babies. Results: more crying for them and more stress for us. Certainly, the intention of the family, friends, neighbors is very nice, but be careful not to be invaded. " Isabelle

5. Rearrange the space

  • "Two changing tables, one in one room and the other in the bathroom for example, with small dressers underneath, are ideal for both parents and children. Less crying caused by waiting, less stress for everyone. " Franck

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