Name Aubérie - Characteristics

Name Aubérie - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Aubérie is a feminine given name of Germanic origin. The roots of this name al and berth, mean "everything" and "brilliant".


No celebrities named after Aubérie, your daughter maybe?

Aubérie's patron saint is a bishop of Avranches, Aubert. On the advice of Archangel Saint Michel, Aubert built a shrine on Mount Tombe. The oratory was dedicated on October 16, 709. A sumptuous Romanesque abbey, called the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel, was erected in the place of this building in the eleventh century.

His character :

Aubérie is hard to pin down because of these two antagonistic tendencies that exist in her. Bursting with energy, she lives at her own pace and rarely lets herself be influenced. She prefers to rely on her instinct ... In a changing mood, she is nonetheless sociable. His natural charm allows him to make friends easily. For Aubérie, happiness is in simplicity. Persevering, she impresses her entourage by her patience and obstinacy. To cope with difficult situations, she finds refuge in her little bubble.


The name derived from Aubérie is Aubery.

His party :

The Auberies are celebrated on September 10th

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