Name Aurel - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Greeks, Italians

Meaning of the name:

Aurel is inspired by the Greek word "aurios" referring to the meaning of "morning". This name also has a Latin origin with the etymon "aurum" resulting in "gold" or "golden".


The Romanian engineer and builder Aurel Vlaicu and the Franco-Canadian typographer Aurel Ramat.

His character :

Seductive since his early years, Aurel is active, talented and dynamic. It does not stay in place and always finds projects to undertake. He loves movement, change and hates any form of monotony. He needs activities to feel alive.
Aurel is a combative being who defends his ideas and principles with vigor. Firm in his decisions, Aurel is not easily influenced and his sense of persuasion allows others to easily join his cause. Effective with his own strategies, he embodies the perfect leader. His efforts to achieve his goals are commensurate with the results he expects. A diplomat, Aurel has no difficulty expressing his ideas. He is also an excellent mediator.


Aurele, Aurele, Aurela, Aurelia, Aurely and Aurelle.

His party :

The Aurel are celebrated on July 20 in tribute to Saint Aurelius of Carthage who lived in the fourth century.

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