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The Raving Rabbids: the magazine

The Raving Rabbids: the magazine

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The number 1 of The Rabbids Rabbids has landed in the kiosks! Contents: the whole world of Raving Rabbids condensed in a quarterly for 6-9 years.

  • The Rabins Cretins magazine offers 44 pages of stories and activities: a great adventure "bwaaah" told in the form of comics, a crazy agenda that takes the opposite of the news and full of games with several levels of difficulty. All on the offbeat tone of the Raving Rabbids, to have fun alone or with friends!
  • Each issue is accompanied by a fun brico to detach and assemble yourself. In this first issue: a Papertoy Raving Rabbids and delirious postcards.
  • To flip through the magazine and discover in images its content completely "bwaaah", it's here!
  • Where can I find The Raving Rabbids magazine? It is available at your newsagents! (4.90 €)


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