Name Babette - Meaning and origin

Name Babette - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Babette is the diminutive of Elizabeth. It has its origins in Hebrew elīsaba which means "God is fullness".


Babette Cole, writer and children's cartoonist for the UK ("Doctor Dog"), Elisabeth Hildebert de Rozières, better known as Babette de Rozières, French TV presenter, Babette E. Babich, American philosopher.

Widowed and separated from her three children, St. Elizabeth of Hungary became a nun and spent her life caring for the sick. She died in 1231 and was canonized in 1235.

His character :

Autonomous and hardworking, Babette always goes after her projects. She is not afraid of challenges and knows how to go around obstacles that stand in her way. His strong point? She gets up after every fall, tries again and again, and finally wins. Sweet, kind and sentimental, she seduces those around her without wanting to. Attentive to others, she is open-minded. Considered a woman-child, she is modest and is an excellent confidante.



His party :

The Babettes are celebrated on November 17, the day of the celebration of St. Elizabeth.

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