Name Badis - Meaning of origin

Name Badis - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

In the Berber civilization, the name Badis was worn by many sovereigns. It means "ancient city of Western Maghreb". It can also mean "the one who is hiding".


Badis ben Habus is a Zirid emir who reigned over the kingdom of Granada. Badis ben Mansur is a Zirid king who ruled the region of Ifriqiya. Badis ben ben Hallal was a king of Andalusia. Badis ben Mansur was a Hammadid ruler.
What person of character will become your little man?
Badis Ouari is a boxer of French origin.

His character :

Badis is a calm and patient boy. Like the turtle of the famous children's tale, he moves slowly, but surely. Before acting or taking any decision, he gives himself a time of reflection more or less long. Hating hasty, he is a great supporter of calm and temperance. Intelligent and intuitive, he has the amazing ability to discover or guess the secrets and concerns of others. Badis is a big curious person who likes to look into the life of others. Also, he does not hesitate to use his faculties to discover what is hidden from him and satisfy his curiosity. Energetic and dynamic, he constantly needs action and change to feel comfortable. Adventure and risks attract him. He does not hesitate to take up a challenge if he considers the latter to be sufficiently stimulating.


Badys and Badie.

His party :

Badis are celebrated on November 1st.

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