The beach ... gently

The beach ... gently

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At what age will your toddler like the beach? He's a runner, do you have to bridle him? Does he prefer to make pies or footprints in the sand? Take our quiz to find out.

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1. At 18 months, the beach, he will inevitably love.

at. True. It's now big enough to start making pies! b. Not sure. Heat, he does not like at all!


Indeed the heat, your baby does not appreciate it. Imperative, avoid the beach between 11 and 16 hours. But it is not only that, the wind, the sand, the waves, the world can divert him ... So that he likes the beach, take the time. Keep it near you, in the shade and dry, on a large towel. He will be able to observe the world safely.



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