Name Cassandra - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Cassandra, the female name Cassandra comes from the Greek term kassandra meaning "the one (or the one) that helps men".


The first famous Cassandra was a character from Greek mythology. This is the daughter of Priam, last king of Troy, and Hecuba. Known for his beauty, Apollo offered him the gift of foreseeing the future in exchange for their future antics. Refusing him, the god took his revenge and decreed that his prophecies would not be believed.

Among other celebrities, Cassandra Elizabeth Ventura, known by her stage name Cassie, American RnB singer and model, Cassandra Wilson, American jazz singer, Cassandra Harris, American actress (Just for your eyes), Cassandra Peterson, too American actress (Elvira and the haunted castle) ...

His character :

Cassandra is an ambitious, motivated and persevering person. She knows what she wants and does everything to get it. Thanks to her ability, she is able to quickly and efficiently solve complex situations. Distinguished by her eloquence and her sense of communication, she easily gains the trust and love of others. Passionate and emotional, Cassandra loves with ardor and, sometimes, a certain excess. But what a charm!


Kassandra, Cassandra, Kassandra, Cassandrea, Cassandria, Cassandra

His party :

The Cassandra are celebrated on November 31st.

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