Name Cathy - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Cathy is a diminutive of the first name Catherine. It comes from the Greek name "Aikaterinê". The latter also draws its origin from the Greek "kathara" which means "pure".


The organizer of parties and shows Cathy Guetta, Franco-Tunisian TV host Cathy Sarraï, American actress and producer Cathy Lee Crosby, American actress Cathy Moriarty, Armenian singer Cathy Berberian, singer Katy Perry ...
In sport, Australian athlete Cathy Freeman, French judoka Cathy Fleury ...

Your Cathy may be in the spotlight!

St. Catherine was a Swede of the fourteenth century. She was forced to leave her homeland with her mother. Pure and pious, she was married despite her protests. Her husband respected her to the point of letting her preserve her virginity. His life ended in 1381.

His character :

Cathy is smart, honest and lively. It arouses the admiration of those around him. She is very involved in what she does and likes to be active and decisive. Despite the fact that she still seems to have control of the situation, Cathy does not always trust her. In these times, she needs the presence of her friends and relatives.


Katiouchka, Catalina, Catarina, Cathel, Cateline, Caterina, Catherine, Cathie, Catherine, Katia, Catoun, Kate, Katel, Kathleen and Ketty

His party :

The Cathy are celebrated on March 24th.

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