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The modeling clay is good for what?

The modeling clay is good for what?

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In the same way as crayons or markers, modeling clay is a classic of the maternal years and even before! Universal, timeless and so varied, modeling clay remains one of the favorite games of the little ones. It's crazy what it can bring to your young artist!

Modeling clay, ideal for developing touch and fine motor skills

  • Like clay, salt dough or earth, modeling clay is an excellent manipulative activity. Thanks to it, your toddler will exert his fine motor skills. To create a masterpiece, one must model, cut, adjust, roll, assemble, knead, flatten ... In short, make work his ten fingers to ensure his action to obtain a satisfactory result. Not that easy !
  • And also : when your child manipulates his play dough, consider which hand he uses first. A good way to check if he will become right-handed or left-handed.

The modeling clay, good dough to solicit the imagination

  • With play dough, your child can play hours creating and inventing characters, animals, food, flowers, shapes ... Moreover, this fantastic material allows to evolve a production. It can miss, start again, do, undo contrary to the drawing that leaves a trace!
  • Not only, modeling clay allows your child to reproduce in three dimensions what he imagines, but in addition he can create rounds, sausages, snakes ... which develops his manual ease in addition to his coordination eye / hand.
  • And also : modeling clay is very soothing for an active child because it is an individual and personal job that requires concentration.

The modeling clay, great for awakening the mind

  • With its colors, its smells, its multiple textures (today, there are modeling pastes that reproduce the color and grainy sand, the smell of strawberry ...), the dough provides various sensations.
  • When he creates balls for example, your little modeler begins learning forms and also apprehends the notion of size. Small or big the ball?
  • And also : creating shapes in volume (a man, for example) helps your child to have a good representation of his body.

Safia Amor with Pascal Iglesia, school teacher.

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