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In the Greek language, the name Cleore means "glory" or "celebrity".


Cléore Richard is an amazon of Cagnes-sur-Mer specialized in the race on flat ground.
The Countess Cleore of Cresseville is a character created by Aurore-Marie de Saint-Aubin in his book The Trottin.
Cléor is also the brand of a line of women's jewelery created by Gilles Bennejean.

His character :

Cleore is undoubtedly a determined and courageous woman. Despite her apparent femininity, she releases a certain force that inspires the admiration of her family. Often, her family relies on her to cope with everyday problems. Faithful to her image and her role as a pillar of the family, she will never show how much such responsibilities weigh on her. As a child, she loves to console and help her classmates. This attitude will strengthen over time and become the most touching part of his personality.

On a professional level, Cléore continues to demonstrate a great determination that generates the recognition and respect of her superiors. Thanks to her intelligence and her taste for hard work, she will quickly reach the peak of her professional career.

In love, Cleore is not one of those who will be imprisoned by a monotonous relationship. Follower of the saying Better to be alone than badly accompanied, it will never encumber the company of a jealous, macho and possessive man. Men to live with their way of life lively enough!


The name Cléore has no derivatives.

His party :

No date is attributed to Cleore in the calendar.

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