Name Coleen - Meaning of thumbs

Name Coleen - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Coleen is inspired by the Greek name Nikolaos. He derives words Nike and Laos resulting in "victory" and "people".


American actress Coleen Gray and British TV host Coleen Rooney. The Coleen are celebrated in honor of Saint Nicholas. Born in the 3rd century, Nicolas de Myre was a bishop in Lycia and renowned for his unshakeable faith and generosity.

His character :

Coleen has a strong personality and an undeniable charm. Sincere, she often says what she thinks, but tactfully. Putting his intelligence to the service of others, Coleen proves good advice. She also embodies a faithful and loyal friend. Nice, she has no difficulty in approaching others. As a child, Coleen shows a keen intelligence that she will continue to cultivate as she grows up.

Born leader, she has a good sense of organization. This hard worker is fully involved in each of her businesses. This passionate woman does not shy away from obstacles, the challenges further reinforcing her motivation. Possessing a great team spirit, she knows how to motivate her colleagues by transmitting her good humor and optimism. Determined, she abandons her projects only in case of force majeure.

Coleen is interested in different fields, including art. Bibliophile, she finds refuge in her books and thus has a great general knowledge. His analytical intelligence allows him to quickly understand things without omitting any details. Coleen will flourish in a profession related to law, art, finance and medicine.


Coline, Nickie, Nicky, Nikki, Nicole, Nicol, Nikky and Colleen.

His party :

The Coleen are celebrated on December 6th.

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