Name Colombe - Meaning and origin

Name Colombe - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

From latin colomba, "pigeon".
In the Christian tradition, the dove represents the Holy Spirit. It is also the favorite bird of the Greek goddess of Aphrodite Love.


No Dove known to this day, your little marvel will be perhaps?

Sainte Colombe was a Spanish princess converted to Christianity under the Emperor Aurelian in the third century. She left her pagan family at the age of 16 and joined Sens, then the main center of Christianity in Gaul. She was arrested during the persecutions of the emperor, then spared thanks to his royal origins. Refusing to apostatize while assisting in the martyrdom of her companions, she was decapitated on December 31, 274.

His character :

The personality of Colombe is marked by an overflowing creativity. Extracurricular artistic activities are thus made for them, starting with music, painting or drawing. The theater also suits this little charming girl captivate the attention of those around her. Feminine at wish, Colombe will take to heart to choose her own outfits. She will be successful with her classmates! Ambitious and dynamic, Colombe secretly cherishes the dream of becoming someone famous and doing great things. Realizing herself in action, she will give the best of herself to make her dreams come true.


Colombine, Colomba, Collie, Colombia and Colombine are all variants of Dove.

His party :

The Doves are celebrated on December 31st

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