Name Dalla - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Dalla means "tree" or "vine". In Hebrew, he also means "twig in bloom".


There is no celebrity named Dalla. Your princess perhaps?

His character :

Dalla is a lively and playful girl. An extrovert, talkative and happy, Dalla is a true ray of sunshine for his family and loved ones. Smart and calm, Dalla shows an extraordinary pragmatism. She knows how to make the most of all situations and is able to turn them to her advantage. Thanks to his natural pragmatism, Dalla approaches life with optimism. If she is faced with a problem, she is not easily disassembled. Still seeing the glass half full, she struggles to always find a satisfactory solution to his worries. Dalla is also a sensitive being who often hides behind a mask of hardness to protect himself from others. By repressing her emotions, she stifles many of her qualities. Indeed, she has a certain creative gift. Writing poems, books or plays, and even singing, nothing is out of her reach if she decides to focus on a particular activity.


Dahlia, Dalhia, Dalia, Dalia, Dalya, Daly, Dali, Dally, Dallo and Dala.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the first name Dalla.

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