Name Danaelle - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:

French, Hebrew, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

According to the Hebrew origin of Danaelle, this first name means "God is my judge". This is the contraction of the words "dân" (judge) and "el" (God).


There are currently no famous Danaelle. However, we can not mention this name without referring to its variant Danielle, itself taken from Daniel, a name worn by one of the greatest biblical prophets.

His character :

Originality characterizes Danaelle. With a hardened steel, she is more cheerful than follower. She does not like to receive orders and besides it is difficult to submit to the authority. Despite these traits, this person of action knows how to be appreciated by his entourage since it has a spellbinding charm and is attentive. Protective, lively and responsive, Danaelle defends with strength and courage what she loves. Greedy with knowledge, curious by nature, Danaelle shows great intelligence.


Danele, Dani, Daniella, Dania, Danie, Danila, Daniela, Danièle, Dannie, Danielle, Danny, Dany, Denielez, Deniela and Denoela.

His party :

The Danaelle are celebrated on December 11th.

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