Name Domingo - Meaning and origin

Name Domingo - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Dominic Portuguese form, Domingo name comes from the Latin "dominicus" resulting in "offered to the Lord".
In the Spanish language, Domingo is the day of the Lord, that is, Sunday.


Known as Plácido Domingo, José Plácido Domingo Embil is a Spanish opera singer and conductor.
Domingo Hindoyan is a Venezuelan conductor.
Domingo Cavallo is an Argentine politician and economist. He is known to have founded the convertibility plan that fixed the exchange rate at equal parity between the dollar and the peso.
Seventh president of the Argentine Republic, Domingo Faustina Sarmiento was an activist, fighter, intellectual and Argentine writer.
Domingo Gómez-Acedo Villanueva is a Spanish international footballer who played as an attacker.
In the service of the Pope in 1170, Saint Dominic preached poverty and evangelical simplicity. His disciples having taken his example, a new order of preachers was born, the "Dominicans".

His character :

With a laid-back character, Domingo is a conscientious and methodical man. From the outset, he gives the image of a responsible and rational man. Man of conviction and ambition, he is persuaded to hold the absolute truth. Under his serious appearances and directives lies a person full of fantasy and humor. Domingo appreciates the simple pleasures of life, loves human contact, laughs, sings ... He is a pleasant companion, shows great patience and is constantly willing to help. On the contrary, he is never satisfied and is always looking for perfection and novelty.


Dominique, Domenech, Domingo and Dominguez.

His party :

The Domingo are celebrated on August 8th.

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