Elida Meaning - Birth

Elida Meaning - Birth

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Meaning of the name:

Elida means "the secret of blood" in Spanish.


Elida Almeida a Cape Verdean singer.

His character :

Elida is a very gentle person, calm and mysterious ... but if you dig, you discover a dynamic being who has a fascinating energy. With a quick wit, Elida is constantly thinking about what she will do next, whether it's the next novel to read, summer job or travel. Unable to stay in place, Elida will undoubtedly be very active and will often engage in sports activities. In her group of friends, Elida is the one who is always looking for new ideas to play, systematically the first to volunteer to go on an adventure.


Elidaa, Elida, Ellida, Elidi, Elidia, Elide, Alida, Dalida, Elia, Elisa, Eliza, Elise, Aleida, Leida, Hilda, Elda, Ida, Eliea, Eliel, Eliev, Eliew, Elien, Elieg, Elidabete, Elidady

His party :

No holy Elida. However, we celebrate St. Elise just like St. Elizabeth on November 17.

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