The association fighting against sickle cell disease rewarded

The association fighting against sickle cell disease rewarded

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The 2010 Super Women's Jury has delivered its verdict: it has decided to reward Jenny Hippocrate-Fixy who fights for the information and prevention of sickle cell disease through her association APIPD. She won the sum of 10,000 euros. (News of 29/11/10)

  • Supported by Laeticia Hallyday, godmother of the operation, the Prix des Femmes Formidables is awarded by Femme Actuelle and rewards anonymous volunteers who put their energy at the service of others.
  • This year, the big winner is Jenny Hippocrate-Fixy, a member of the association APIPD, which fights for information and prevention of sickle cell disease.

What is sickle cell disease?

  • This disease affects 12,000 people in France. But it is poorly known and not taken into account. The predominant symptom? An excruciating pain throughout the body that only morphine can calm. In addition, sickle cell patients suffer from anemia, severe infections (septicemia) and risk cardiac arrest. The only existing treatment remains transfusion.

Why this commitment?

  • When his son, Taylor, was born eighteen years ago, she felt that something was wrong. Ten months later, he was told that he was suffering from the worst form of sickle cell disease, a genetic disorder of hemoglobin that mainly affects black populations and the Mediterranean rim. A choice is then imposed on her: "Either I jumped out the window, or my son became the fight of my life, so I created my association."

And now ?

  • With the € 10,000 winnings, Jenny Hippocrate-Fixy wants to imagine new fun quizzes about sickle cell disease to educate schoolchildren. But also edit and distribute new information leaflets.

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