Name Emil - Meaning of the origin

Name Emil - Meaning of the origin

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Derived from Emile, the name Emil comes from the Latin word "aemulus" which means "rival". Its derivative, the first name "Aemilius", is close to "Aimulios" interpreted in the sense of "attractive".


For Emile, there is of course Emile Zola, born April 2, 1840, considered the leader of naturalism and one of the most famous novelists in the world.
Emil? German painter and watercolourist Emil Nolde, Czechoslovakian Olympian Emil Zatopek, Swiss cabaret artist and comedian Emil Streinberge and Romanian philosopher Emil Cioran.

Emil has for patron saint Emile of Carthage, who around the year 250, lived the persecution of Decius against the Christians. After being tortured, he refused to deny his religion and was sentenced to burn alive.

His character :

Emil is passionate and spirited, guided by a great thirst for renewal and wonder. Curious by nature, he is eager to understand and explore the world around him. A future explorer your little one?


Emile, Emele, Emeric, Emiliaan, Emilien, Emilio, Emilius

His party :

Emil is celebrating May 22nd.

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