Name Emin - Meaning and origin

Name Emin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This masculine given name of Turkish origin means "trustworthy" or "loyal" according to its original meaning.


Emin Pasha was a physician, naturalist, explorer and governor of the Egyptian province of Equatoria on the Upper Nile.
Emin Çölaşan is a Turkish journalist from Ankara who graduated from the Middle East Technical University.
Emin Duraku was a Kosovar activist and communist who lived between 1917 and 1942.
Emin Özmen is a Turkish film producer from Sivas.
Emin Olcay is a film actor born on January 1, 1946.

His character :

Dynamic and adventurous, Emin is interested in everything in life, sometimes at the risk of dispersing a little. His hyperactivity allows him to quickly acquire experience in life. In love, Emin tends to quickly engage in a lasting relationship. He has a real sense of family duty. Very respectful of his oaths, he will honor his wishes of loyalty to his wife as long as possible. Indeed, the native gives a lot of importance to family values. His morality is closely linked to a system of values ​​and beliefs. Emin also has a special attachment to friendship and human fraternity. This explains among other things his loyalty to his loved ones. On the affective and relational level, Emin loves giving as well as receiving. Despite his intense activity, the native prefers to lead an organized life with a person who shares his vision of life.


Emin, Emain, Emind, Hainan and Roman.

His party :

There is no known date dedicated to Emin.

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