At the big table

At the big table

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That's it, your child eats like a big one or almost. The opportunity to offer him his own dishes, to perfect his learning. Our selection of plates, cutlery, bowl and other bibs to eat like a chef!

Updated on July 22, 2017

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At the big table (13 pics)

Squiz Reusable Bottles

As practical as disposable compote gourds but much more economical, fun and eco-friendly, reusable Squiz are filled with homemade recipes or purchased in large format and are everywhere. Reusable on average 50 times, they can vary tastes and flavors, while reducing waste considerably. Starting from € 5.95. Where to find them?

BabyBjörn Meal Set

A bib with deep recovery pocket and adjustable neckband, a very stable plate and easy to grip cutlery ... all plastic BPA free for his first big meal: € 24.90. Where to find it?

Plastic Bibs by DBB Remond

Practical, this set of 3 soft and waterproof plastic bibs, funny & flashy! A blow of sponge is enough to clean them. We like the Velcro closure. € 12.60 (DBB Remond).

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Ekobo ecological lunch set

A giant and funny bib, a plate, a bowl and a glass in bamboo fiber ... here is a 100% green meal box without phthalates, PVC or BPA.
35 € (Ekobo).
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Gourmet Ptit box with bib

Eat like a big? Easy with this BPA-free lunch set and its waterproof crumb bib. The cabinet is dishwasher safe, convenient! € 19.99 (Oxybul).
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Gourde Nathalie Lété Rouge

A nice metal bottle with magic decoration: 9,60 € (

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A well round handle to adapt to small hands, in a non-slip material to better hold them: these cutlery promote autonomy. Set spoon and fork: 6,50 € (Munchkin).

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Smart Bento

Practical, this perfectly hermetic traveler's plate is equipped with a bag of vegetable matter which, after 30 seconds in the microwave or 2 minutes in a bain-marie, keeps the meal warm: € 23.70 (Béaba).

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Luc and Léa anti-escape learning cup

Thanks to its spout and its anti-leak cap, baby learns to drink alone: ​​€ 11.38 (Luc and Léa).
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Baby Snack dBb Remond

Composed of 4 buckets of 100 ml, a soup plate and a spoon, this set is ideal to carry all the baby meal on the move: 14,40 € (dBb Remond).
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No stains!

To train to eat alone without damage, this giant bib covering is perfect once tied around the neck. In organic cotton it is printed with water inks and passes to the machine at 30 ° C: 20 € (Coq en Pâte). Other funny models exist.

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A small bowl for the mashed potatoes, another for the compote: here is enough to take with you his first meals and serve him with the appropriate spoons, housed in the lid. Cool and Mash Bowl: 11,27 € one (Tommee Tippee).

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Small scullion

Its chasuble shape effectively protects apprentices who can go into the kitchen without fear of stains. In coated fabric, a sponge stroke is enough to clean it. Apron size 4-6 years: 29 € (Weaving of Luz).

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