Ermance Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Hermance which means "army" and "man".


There is no famous Ermance at the moment. Your little wonder can reverse the trend in the future!

His character :

Ermance, a real ray of sunshine, submerges his entourage of happiness from an early age. Thanks to her dynamism and her joie de vivre, she makes the happiness of her parents. With Ermance, you immediately forget your problems and give more importance to the wonders of life. Like a little firefly, it brings light to the everyday lives of those around it. Boosted by a positive explosive attitude, Ermance manages to succeed in everything she undertakes with a smile.

Its softness and candor make Ermance an irresistible being. At the moment she approaches you, it is difficult to refuse him anything. Patient and full of good will, she does not hesitate to be helpful to help those who need it.

Her sense of persuasion allows Ermance to get what she wants and to succeed in all her projects. In school, she is one of the brightest students, because of her motivation and her thirst for knowledge. Thanks to his sharp and rather developed mind, Ermance has remarkable assimilation abilities.


Hermance, Hermann, Ermanda, Ermando, Ermanne, Ermandi, Ermanis, Ermanno, Ermante, Ermarie, Ermanna, Ermaris, Ermarno, Ermarsh, Ermasdi, Ermaphi, Ermania ...

His party :

Close to the name Hermance, which is celebrated on September 24th.

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